Ipoint Market Research

Market Research

market research can help the business owner gain valuable and accurate insight on the manner in which the targeted market operates and even identify local demands not fulfilled by the competition. The research gathers extensive information and statistics such as tracking potential competitor’s activities, funds invested in the market by the competition, online consumers customs and routine, expression of the need to consume the product we are selling, etc.

Ipoint Market Research

Production of a winning Strategy

A strategy based on a reliable market research may become very successful. Strategy development involves:

  1. Analyzing opportunities and risks in the target markets.
  2. Creation of a potential client profile, learning and identifying the consideration set – the criterion set in which a consumer relies on when identifying the need for a product through selecting brands up to the purchasing of the product.
  3. Designing the vocabulary for the advertising language of the campaign – messaging, graphic design, etc., and selecting the most effective channels for advertising (social media, TV, radio, etc.)
Ipoint Production of Rich Media

Production of Rich Media

Creating a graphic language that makes our clients stand out ahead of the competition using all the tools and skills in our toolbox to create descriptive and powerful visuals and other materials such as: a new logo design or existing logo redesign, website design, custom applications, audio / video production and any other media customary to the target market.

Ipoint Technology Development

Technology Development

The digital age brings a vast array of opportunities that technology offers. In order to take advantage of these opportunities we must be at the fore-front by using technology as a means to an end. The Technology division at iPoint gives us that edge, developing mobile applications, Facebook applications, websites, e-commerce, interactive interfaces, games and any other technological means that may help penetrate the target market.

Ipoint Advertising


We use every advertising platform available such as Google, social media networks, television, radio, etc. in order to expedite exposure to the target audience. We employ advanced techniques using Growth Hacking, ReMarketing, Content Marketing, PPC, SEO, etc.

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